Educational Programme and Methodology

We offer an INNOVATIVE EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME, based on the application of early stimulation methodologies and a sustained relationship between the family and the school. We work with scheduled learning activities, whilst the children acquire healthy habits through the routines offered to them at school.

Children learn by playing, through stories, songs, flash cards, psychomotor education sessions and diverse workshops with play-based educational content, as well as familiarization with music, which we also include in the programme. We seek to develop children’s maximum potential, promoting healthy self-esteem, which is an essential requirement for success at school, and in life more generally.

Our teaching model is based on FOUR FUNDAMENTAL PILLARS:

The best time to learn a language is between 0 and 6 years of age. Through games, children learn different languages in a natural way, with no effort. The richer the range of sounds they are exposed to through languages and listening to music, the more the development of neural connections is stimulated, which boosts their learning.

We know that intelligence increases with stimulation, and that’s why we use the latest, most innovative methodology, with the intention of developing the innate talent for learning that all children have. Every day we work on their physical, cognitive, social and emotional abilities, because during the first years of life children have a greater ability to acquire new knowledge and skills.

We develop children’s motor, expressive and creative possibilities through their body, and we have a room especially designed for this. Children will play sensorimotor games (climbing, jumping, rolling, swinging, falling, playing with balance), acquiring new and varied skills. Little ones will experience different sensations that will allow them to feel pleasure and will help them to have awareness of their own body and their possibilities of movement.

We offer education that is based on each pupil’s uniqueness; they are truly at the centre of what we do. We work with small groups of students who are separated according to age in different classrooms, and we keep a close and continuing relationship with the families. We believe that each child is unique and special, and we ensure that all their needs are heard and met. We adapt our educational programme to the level of maturity of the group in general, to each child in particular.

Your family and the school

Parents are primarily responsible for their children’s education, but at TOYS we want to collaborate and give you all our support in this exciting and at times complicated endeavour.

We believe that there should be continuous communication between the school and the family to ensure the right development. For this reason, we give you daily updates on all aspects of your child’s progress, and on the educational objectives and content that we work with at the school (through your child’s tutor, school planner, one-on-one chats, informative meetings, tutorials, quarterly reports and celebrations held on special days).

What’s more, on the Parents’Zone you’ll find information relating to current educational matters, informative reports, monthly menus, activities held by the centre throughout the school year and even a photo album of children enjoying various workshops and games.

Educational team

We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals in a continuous process of training and, most importantly, with absolute vocation and dedication to education, care and the children’s well-being.

All teaching staff have the official qualifications required by the Basque Government, along with the corresponding linguistic skills and considerable experience in the education sector.

We work with teachers who specialize in nursery education, psychologists, educational psychologists and those with special skills in infant education.

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