Extracurricular Activities

Every afternoon starting at 5pm, from Monday to Friday, we provide a series of extracurricular activities that meet the needs of the youngest members of your family (1 to 6 years).

We base these activities on an innovative, high-quality educational methodology, based on early stimulation and the comprehensive development of each child.

We work with small groups of pupils (a maximum of 8 children per teacher), separated by age (1 to 6 years) and we adapt our sessions to the level of maturity of the group in general, and of every child in particular.

We include the following workshops within our extensive educational offerings:

Infant fitness (psychomotor education):

Discovering the feeling of pleasure and well-being provided by your own body is fundamental for children to understand themselves, evolve and develop their skills. In these workshops, we encourage children’s natural desire to move by combining a series of exercises in the psychomotor education room, focused on acquiring new and diverse skills as well as promoting a healthy body image.

Crafts workshops:

We try to familiarize children with different handicrafts, stimulating their potential in a playful way, by imagining, creating and inventing their own art. This workshop will become a fun mean of expression and, at the same time, they will learn about different trends and famous artists. Creative activities promote freedom and flexibility in children.

Language workshops (English and Basque):

We teach different languages when the children are still very young, making the most of the phoneme acquisition stage. We have highly qualified and experienced staff, with a true vocation for early years education and an excellent level in the language they teach. Little ones will learn different languages in a natural, fun way, through play-based educational activities. We use an immersion programme based on early stimulation and movement. Through play, children learn different languages in a natural and effortless way.


During school holidays at Christmas, Easter and summer, we offer you Playroom services, providing numerous play-based and educational activities that are adapted to each age group, where children will enjoy and learn in a caring, affectionate and safe environment (cooking, dancing, psychomotor education, music, art, English, dressing up, etc).

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